Fulbright Week 1

     Tonight marks my first week in Ghana as a Fulbright Scholar. It's been quite the long week with so much to do from getting settled to figuring out my way around the University of Ghana and the getting to know the faculty and students. Everyone's been very welcoming and helpful so far. I'm staying at the Fulbright House in a one bedroom apartment. The accommodations are pretty good. Of course there are a lot of differences from The US but having been to Ghana twice before, I've learned to make adjustments. There are a lot of pluses and minuses. Water pressure's lacking but I'm happy to have a hot water heater that functions properly. It's going to be hot but I have air conditioning which is a bonus. I have to get used to haggling with the taxi drivers for every ride but fares are pretty reasonable overall. I recently purchased a bike for 120 cedis (about $60) to get around campus. Food is very different here but I'm happy to have some rice with palava sauce (stewed greens with spices) for lunch every day. Those examples are pretty random but I'm still making the transition to a different culture that will be home for 9 months. Stay tuned, I'll have some more interesting posts.

If you want to come visit, there's a lovely couch you can crash on.


fulbright house mug.jpg
Fulbright House04.jpg